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Unions Demand Government Action on Vega Lands
posted (August 31, 2017)
As you heard in the interview, the Teachers' Union and the Public Service Union both issued statements on the Mosquito Caye Vega land compensation.

The BNTU says, quote, "we are appalled at the PM's rather flippant and dismissive response...'What it is, is what it is'...(which) clearly show his trivial outlook on the situation." End quote.

The union says it demands immediate investigation into the Ministry of Natural Resources, quote, "and those who continue to use politics and position for personal gain," end quote.

Along that same line, the Public Service Union says, quote, "the union welcomes the initiative by Government to conduct an extensive investigation into the allegations of fraud and outright corruption at the Ministry of Lands that have come to light in the recent days. We ask that this investigation be extended to include other questionable land transactions at the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources under the tenure of the former Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega. The Ministry of Works and the Ministry of Health must also be similarly investigated for alleged acts of corruption." End quote.

The PSU also advises Public Officers, quote, "to adhere to the regulation that govern their code of conduct, to not compromise the fair exercise of their duties and to not to allow their integrity to be called into question. Be reminded that no Member of the House of Representative is to give direct instructions to any Public Officer but rather communicate through their Accounting Officer." End quote.

Both unions called for the reactivation of the Public Accounts Committee.

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