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UDP Introduces OW Super Slate
posted (August 31, 2017)
As we showed you in our first segment, the UDP is taking a public pounding for the Vega land scandals, but, the party has weathered worse, and kept on winning elections. And that's why today they launched their UDP 7 Orange Walk Team with the jaded optimism allowed only to those who are riding an uncanny winning streak.

This slate is being led by former Orange Walk Mayor Phillip De La Fuente - and the UDP are hoping that they can unseat the PUP Mayor Kevin Bernard and give John Briceno trouble in his Orange Walk stronghold. Here's who they are, and why they want to represented the UDP in the upcoming municipal elections:

Participant 1
"I am here to be the voice and the champion for the youth of Orange Walk Town. I share the aspirations as many of the youths back home. I have offered myself here to be a candidate because I believe that there are many things yet to be done for our youths in Orange Walk Town."

Participant 2
"I am here to represent the hard working people of Orange Walk Town. My experience as a supervisor has made me realize the importance of getting skilled trained citizens."

Participant 3
"I too believe that a better democracy is a democracy where women don't only have the right to vote, but they also have the right to be elected. I join this team, because the UDP is the party that empowers women."

Participant 4
"As a humble person I believe in progress, youth development, and most importantly the goodwill of the people."

Participant 5
"I am a grassroots person. I have decided to run for the United Democratic Party because I want to do projects which will assist to uplift my fellow brothers and sisters. I know I can do much more for them and my beloved community. I am here to make sure no one is left out."

Participant 6
"I offer myself as a candidate because I know Orange Walk is in need of good people, of good candidates and also Orange Walk is in need of individuals who can deliver, bring solutions that will change our town for the better."

Phillip de la Fuente, UDP Mayoral Candidate
"A part from the street side chopping roadworks and the picking up of the garbage which is the responsibility of each town council, our team will think and work outside the normal parameters of the town council. We do this to assist our community to live a better life."

But, you may distinctly remember a time back in October 2015, when Phillip De la Fuente left the UDP to run as a candidate for the Belize Progressive Party. Today, we confronted him about the party swapping, and we sorta caught the mayoral hopeful in little white lie. Here's that back and forth, for you to decide:

Phillip de la Fuente, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk
"Yes I was with the Belize Progressive Party, but I will say that I have never change my ideals, I have never change my goals, I have always and will always want what is best for my country and my town."

"Is this like a coming in from the cold sort of thing? They blocked you then, but now you are here to run for the party?"

Phillip de la Fuente, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk
"I did not contest the elections after I stepped out. I did not until right now I am stepping in back."

FILE: October 14, 2015
Phillip de la Fuente, BPP Candidate - OW Central

"My decision to run on the green team was made when they brought out their initial ideas and manifestos whatever. Those were very similar to what I had when I wanted to run for the UDP again. But then they didn't want me to run for the UDP, they denied it, so I say well this party is more along the lines that I personally would like to run."

"Why do you think that this time around is good opportunity when you said publicly that they blocked you at that time?"

Phillip de la Fuente, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk
"I never."

"It's stated there on the record sir."

Phillip de la Fuente, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk
"I would like to see the record for that. The UDP did not blocked me. I could have run if I want, but my reason for running now is that we will be getting some projects to Orange Walk Town that yes, under the Belize Progressive Party would not have been made available. So now my decision to run in this election is because I can see that things will get done for my community."

Also, another bit of fact checking, De la Fuente did run as a third party candidate in 2015 General elections against PUPs John Briceno, and UDP's Deny Grijalva. He got 343 votes - which is considerably for a third party candidate.

But, despite that fact that he has returned to his original political party, and now he has to go up against PUP Mayor Kevin Bernard. The incumbent mayor is considered a strong candidate but De La Fuente feels he can unseat him:

Phillip de la Fuente, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk
"We have a group of young and not so young people on this slate. We are not claiming that we will have all the answers. But what we can promise and pledge to the people of Orange Walk that we will be doing our best to get things done for Orange Walk Town."

Daniel Ortiz, reporter
"Your opponent and his team has been rather successful. When there was that shift in 2015 where they lost ground and the UDP won 8 of the municipals in the country, he held on in Orange Walk. The mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley who is famously political has given respect publicly for this gentleman's work."

Phillip de la Fuente, UDP Mayoral Candidate - Orange Walk
"He has been there for 2 terms. The first term I don't know what he did. They roll through that first 3 years using all the machinery, all the resources and everything that I had left. He invested nothing for that first 3 years that he was in there. The people of Orange Walk knows me from every corner of Orange Walk. They knows me and they have pledge their support for me."

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