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Innocent Amy And The CWU
posted (September 1, 2017)
10 days ago, the name Amy Forte might not have even rang a bell, but tonight she is nationally known as the woman who claims her signature was forged to facilitate a Vega land deal.

And the Christian Workers Union which calls her a "friend and former colleague," says she's innocent. A CWU release says, quote, "things were going "awry" in the Lands Department…It was never a case of "it is what it is!" which is how the Prime Minister attempted to blow if off lightly. The people of Belize now know "what it really is" that was going on in the Department," end quote.

The release adds, quote, "Our nation has reached one of those critical milestones in its Independence where we have to decide whether we will stand and deliver ourselves from corruption and injustice or forever be damned and lost as a nation."

It concludes, quote, "The CWU awaits the outcome of the Police investigation into this matter and any subsequent prosecution which must not go the way of previous prosecutions that involved the politicians or the politically connected. The Union stands ready to act. We remind the public that Amy Forte is innocent." end quote.

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