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Opp. Leader Explains Large Acreages of Briceno Lands Have Been in Family For Decades
posted (September 5, 2017)
And as part of the ongoing political warfare of this issue - the Gaspar Vega camp is now throwing allegations of land grabbing by PUP leader John Briceno - who is the former Minister of Natural Resources from 1998 to 2006.

They point to some massive land holdings in the name of Briceno's family, his father and his uncles specifically.

They point to Parcels for 700 acres and 100 acres which were issued to the Briceño Brothers, Elijio - Joe, Graciano and Eudaldo on March 06, 2008. Today John Briceno told us that those are family lands which his father got in the early 1970's. He says he and his brother brought it from the bank when it was going to be auctioned and they now have it as a cattle ranch.

As for another one thousand acres belonging to those same Briceno brothers, John Briceno says that was taken over and auctioned by the bank, and then sold to a private owner.

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