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Mother Accuses GSU of Brutalizing Her Son
posted (September 5, 2017)
Tonight, there is another allegation of abuse by the GSU, and the woman making the accusation is a former career civilian employee of the police department. Jenny Baizer told us that her son Shakeem Humes - who is not a stranger to police - was picked up by the GSU near George Street - and taken to a deserted location in West Landivar where he was beaten for an hour. She told us why it has angered her so much.

Jenny Baizer, Mother of Shakeem Humes
"I really doesn't appreciate what the Gang Suppression Unit did to my child. Jules, when I saw my son I had to cry, because of the condition that he was in. I ask what had happened to him and he said that they chance him. He said that they took me by "Hanger" and took off the handcuff from me and then the police that slapped him on Plues Street, him and I started to fight. And when they saw I was beating the police, they intervene and all of them crowd him and they beat him. He told me that they beat him badly. They stomp and kick and choked him until he was unconscious. He told me that after that he place the handcuff back on him and threw him in the sea. He told me that the water was shoal and so he manage to come out."

"When he came out, they started to beat him again and after that they put him in the mobile and bring him and leave him on West Street. They (GSU) told him that that knew him and that they would kill him and that they (GSU) knows where his (Shakeem) brothers lives."

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"Now at the same time, you know the old saying 'they don't stone empty mango tree.' Your son has been charged criminally, remanded, attempted murder, different charges a number of times. So perhaps they are targeting him because of the things he's involved in."

Jenny Baizer, Mother of Shakeem Humes
"I don't see why they would target him for that. If any one of my children they do anything that is not right and they need to get charge, then you take him, handcuff him and charged him, but don't be beating my children. Because they are not his father. Look how they have my child bruise up - beat up. We are waiting for the x-ray results Jules to see what part of my son is broken, because he hardly can move."

"What I have to say to those GSU officers out there who are chancing my children and other children out there - God have you all days numbered. You remember what I am saying "God have all of you days numbered" and it won't take long because God doesn't sleep. What you sew in this world is what you will reap."

Baizer - who retired from the police last Friday after 18 years between the prison and police departments - says she has made a report to the Professional Standards Branch and will keep following up on the case.

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