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Judge: Akeem Not Guilty In Ardon’s Murder
posted (September 8, 2017)
After spending 4 years and 5 months on remand, 22 year-old Akeem Augustine has been acquitted of the March 2013 murder of Ardon Belgrave. That's the decision that Justice Adolph Lucas handed down at the end of Augustine's trial without jury.

On March 19, 2013, 27 year-old Belgrave was shot on Caesar Ridge Road in broad day light. Eyewitness reports say that his shooter was chasing another target, who escaped. The gunman then turned around and shot Belgrave in the head.

In his ruling Justice Lucas found that the prosecution represented by Crown Counsel Janelle Tillett, failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Augustine was the shooter.

Justice Lucas also pointed out that the prosecution's main witnesses had some serious inconsistencies in his version of events. Under oath, this witness said that he did not identify the gunman to police, but he later told the court that that the gunman was a man called "Patta".

So, after examining the evidence, Justice Lucas acquitted Augustine. Of note is that he was also accused of shooting 4 minors, later in the day when Ardon Belgrave was murdered.

For this murder trial, he was represented by attorney, Stevanni Duncan.

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