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Army General Concerned About Corozal Explosive Device
posted (September 12, 2017)
And while Belize City police are investigating that mass shooting at the J'ouvert, police in Corozal are trying to figure out a sophisticated device which looks to be parts of a remote explosive apparatus.

It was found over the weekend, and the BDF Commander, David Jones, says that its existence in Belize a cause for concern. This evening, he granted us an interview via phone to share his views on the discovery of this apparatus which was only missing 2 pieces to become a fully usable explosive. Here's what he had to say:

Brig. Gen David Jones - Commander, BDF
"I was informed that a device was found in Corozal. I believe it was on Saturday. One of our officers were given the device from a police officer who subsequently I got it Sunday morning. The device did not have explosives, but it is definitely someone attempting to make a sophisticated improvise explosive device or a more sophisticated bomb which would be the first that we've seen being constructed in Belize."

"It had a capacitor, it had a sensor and a cellphone attached to it. So the person who was trying to construct the device would do it in mind that he would just probably dial the cell number for the phone and it would set the device off, which means he would do it remotely. It's not something that you go and place and then try and use a mechanical device as would be the norm for more basic device. This is more sophisticated in that it's a cell phone. But no explosives were present and the detonator was not present, but it was constructed in similar fashion as you would do device that you would set off remotely."

"I was informed that someone handed it over to a police office in Corozal. There is definitely need for interview of that person who received the device, because we would definitely want to have an interview with him, because it is very troublesome that someone would try and construct a device for the sophistication of using a cell phone, because that is more dangerous that we've been seeing here in Belize before."

The BDF Commander told us that he is hoping that the police will speak to the person who handed it over to them.

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