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Police Investigating Troubling Allegations Against Placencia Community Police
posted (November 14, 2017)

Police are actively investigating the case in Placencia village which we told you about last night.  As we reported, community police in Placencia Village took the police cadets - all young boys out on a camping trip over last weekend.  The boys allege that the officers forced them to take nude pictures, and made them pay for water and use of the restroom.

Very gross abuses and we're told it's a high priority investigation by the office of the Professional Standards Branch - which is herring to finalize the case.   Until then, police would not comment on specifics.  

The professional standards branch is also actively investigating another matter in the Stann Creek District.  That is the allegation of a gang rape inside the Independence police station.  Three officers of varying ranks are accused of raping two women who were told they were being searched for drugs.   Again, police are disclosing very little on this case - but we'll keep following it.

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