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Jerry’s Ode To His Amazing Parents
posted (November 14, 2017)

Today Jeremy Enriquez officially launched his book "To Educate A Nation: Autobiography of Andres P and Jane V. Enriquez. The book is a biography on the lives of his grandparents as teachers and the many hardships they faced. He said he actually put the book together with a manuscript his grandparents left behind chronicling their journey.

Jeremy Enriquez - Author

It is a story of their life teaching from the early 1900s. 1907 to 1950. It is there words written on an exercise book over a period of time about the experiences they had teaching throughout parts of the country. It was an emotional journey for me also to look at the tremendous sacrifices and hardships that they have been through in those early days in Belize when there was no infrastructure. They had to walk 25 miles through the forest to reach San Antonio. Forest and Swamp and climb hills that were a difficult time to start schools in the colony at the time."

"We hope that schools will take on this book as a part of understanding Belizean history because it is very rich in looking at an important period in the development of Belize but it also looks at what teachers went through not only my grandparents but what Garifuna teachers went through as they were deployed in all parts of Belize to manage schools. What one of the fascinating parts of the book is the story written by my grandmother. We do not have many women writing in the past about the experiences they have been through and talking about just living in these villages, just the life and culture in the villages. It is a fascinating story she became a great healer known in rural Toledo and Punta Gorda as well as a Midwife."

Enriquez said the book took about ten years to really come together. It costs $35 and If you are interested in purchasing the books you can do so at Angelus Press, The Image Factory, Brodies, and it is also available on amazon.com.

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