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Remembering Diabetes Day By Catching New Cases Early
posted (November 14, 2017)

Today is World Diabetes Day and Belize along with the rest of the world is honouring the day by bringing awareness to the disease that affects millions. 7 news spoke with the President of the Belize Diabetes Association this morning at the Diabetes Health Fair. He explained what Belize did for the big day and gave tips on living a healthy lifestyle.

Sahar Vasquez

"At this fair today people are able to what get tests done?"

Anthony Castillo - President of The Belize Diabetes Association

"For us here in Belize we are having a health fair our health partners provide services for people living with Diabetes and join us in creating more awareness on the condition of Diabetes.  Unfortunately diabetes continues to be on the rise. It is on the rise everywhere in the world including for us here in Belize. Globally the IDF is saying that we now have 425 million persons living with the condition of Diabetes. 1:01

"It is said that for us here in Belize. The persons who show a high incidence of diabetes are people of colour. These are black people and Hispanics so it is almost the entire population for the majority of the people who live with Diabetes they are living with type 2 diabetes and type 2 diabetes can be hereditary and be a lifestyle. It what we do and don't do with ourselves that allow us the acquire the condition so the advice at this time is to try and acquire a healthy life that is eating from all the food groups eating a balanced diet and exercising."

The Tuberculosis Unit,  Brodies Pharmacy, NHI, Cancer Society amongst others that offered their service at the health fair today.

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