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20 Year Old Was Lured To Death In Unfriendly Turn By A Female
posted (February 12, 2018)
And turning now to crime news, Belize City saw its first murder in two weeks on Friday night. 20-year-old Tyrone Gibson - a young man who made no secret of his gang affiliations - was murdered while standing on West Collet Canal. It seems Gibson who is a known to affiliate with gangs in the St. Martin's area - was lured by a female over to another gang's turf - a costly error which he paid for with his life.

Sahar Vasquez found out more today from his mother and police.

Sahar Vasquez reporting
On February 4th Tyrone Gibson turned 20 years old but he will never get to experience life at 20 because he was murdered five days later.

Seven shots pierced his body while standing outside the terminal waiting for a female friend to arrive.

ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC-CIB Belize City
"He was communicating with someone via phone. And he was to meet somebody at that corner. However, whilst waiting for that person, a male person came from the direction of Hiccatee Street and fired several shots at him causing the fatal injuries to him."

And according to his mother her son was set up because he died on turf he knew was not safe for him to be on. It seems he took a risk to see someone that kept setting him up.

Dianne Gibson, Mother of Deceased
"He comments to someone that he was waiting for her all day and she did not appear three times in a row."

"At the end of the day he went to wait at the bus terminal but he was led to the wrong area. He knows he was out of his boundary in the turf that we live. I feel like whoever did it knows that we are from that area there. It was totally wrong what they did because he was not a gang member."

Police are also being led to believe that the twenty-year-old was indeed set up. He was rarely ever seen in the area that he was murdered.

"Is it a gang-related murder?"

ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC-CIB Belize City
"Well, so far the investigation is pointing at as you had mentioned, he was lured by somebody. The persons that had lured him to that location, we're trying to establish an identity. So what we can be certain, whether, which group had called him to go to that exact location there to meet this female, noh. Yes, we know he belongs to one of the groups in Martin's area, but we're just trying to establish if it was another rival group or whosoever was the one that lured him to his death, or that location."

Gibson's family, friends, and community are all shattered by the loss of their loved one. They did not see him as a gangster or a lost cause, they saw him as a young man with a heart of gold and one big dream.

Dianne Gibson, Mother of Deceased
"He was a clown. He would try to cheer up people on a bad day. My son was a rapper trying to follow a dream."

The pursuit of that dream ended with resolute finality, when gunshots rang out here on West Canal on Friday night.

The police had one person detained but he was released because there was not enough evidence. The investigation continues. Police are trying to track down the female who lured him to the location.

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