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PG Witness To Cop Killing Claims Police Threats
posted (February 12, 2018)
Two weeks ago on January 29th., we showed you Keevan Wade, he's the main witness in the killing of Mario Vernon the third. Vernon is the 24 year old PG resident who was killed by police constable Tevin Aranda under questionable circumstances.

We first encountered Wade at the PG protest for Mario's death, when he stepped forward and spoke publicly, saying that he feared for his safety because he was being visited and intimidated by police.

Well, this weekend he pulled out his cell phone and started to record when police were circling his home - and in an emotional video, he claimed one of the officers threatened his life:

Keevan Wade, Claims Police Harassment
"Because I am a witness to Mario, the police always keep harassing me. What is going on? I live here. Just leave me alone. Every day is the same thing. These same police officers. Every day they come to pressure me. I am a witness to Mario. See him there [the officer] talking about he will kill me. If I die, you will get charged. You promise you will kill me. Say it again. Because I am a witness to Mario, these officers are chancing me. They want to protect me because I am a witness - he wants to kill me because I am a witness. Leave me alone officer. It was I who told the officer that Mario was back there. If I had known that officer was going to kill Mario, I wouldn't have told him where he was. Every time he meet me he talk about how he wants to kill me - no man."

We could not get comment from police.

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