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The War On Lampposts?
posted (February 12, 2018)
On Friday we told you about an accident on the newly repaved stretch of the Phillip Goldson highway between miles 7 and 8. As you can see, the impact claimed a lamp-post.

Well, there were two more accidents this weekend on that same stretch of road - which uprooted two more of the towering new aluminum lamp-posts.

The first involved a Mazda Tribute, and the second involved a Toyota Hilux.

According to reports, there have been at least 5 collisions ion this stretch which have destroyed lamp-posts.

The problem is - police don't bring any charges for damage to property, so drivers are under no obligation to get their insurance company to pay the Ministry of Works or the contractor, CISCO to repair the lamp-posts - which cost close to ten thousand dollars each.

We know of one occasion where RF & G Insurance has made such a payment, but it is the exception, and not the rule.

Police say that the Ministry of Works would have to make a complaint for them to bring charges.

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